2015 Conference

The Albuquerque Museum: Transforming History

Undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation, the Albuquerque Museum is transforming its entire history gallery, as well as its approach in teaching students. Learn how the museum is working to help students to “think historically” as it designs a new and highly interactive space to engage our history from the beginnings of Albuquerque, through the Civil War, and on to the present day. Elizabeth Becker, Curator of Education, Albuquerque Museum  

Civil War in New Mexico and Glorieta

How did the Civil War affect New Mexico? How did New Mexico affect the Civil War? What would a soldier use in New Mexico?  What were the roles of the women during the war? All these questions and more will be addressed during this presentation! Don and Sue Cochrane, Directors of School Programs and Day Camp, Glorieta.

Parrott Guns and Grapeshot: Helping At-Risk Students Understand History

Learning history is exciting, but it can also be confusing.  This is especially true for students with language barriers (ESLs), reading disabilities or little background knowledge (RTIs).  This workshop is designed to help teachers identify what might prove confusing to at risk students and provide ideas for differentiating material to help those students. Jennifer Bohnhoff, Author and Teacher 

The Songs of the Soldiers

While military marching bands were at “the top of the charts” during the American Civil War, there was a huge variety of other popular music styles being played in the mid 1800s. Exploring the music of everything from the enormously popular and most certainly contrived Minstrel shows to simple and down to earth Appalachian “Old Time” melodies, this presentation will cover the gamut of Civil War “folk” music. Randy Martin and award-winning Albuquerque based folk band “Breaking Blue”  

“I Am a Soldier”

A view of a Civil War soldier, from the perspective of the soldier, the “I Am A Soldier” presentation highlights every-day life for those who fought in the Civil War. Topics from diet, equipment, hygiene, and entertainment will help provide a unique inside look at what it was really like to be a soldier.  Ken Dusenberry & Rick Lohsen, Artillery Company of New Mexico  

Civil War Artifacts

Revealing the hidden history of the Civil War in New Mexico though the use of primary source artifacts, this presentation will feature authentic pieces from the Civil War in NM, many of which will be for sale at the conclusion of the conference. George Sanders

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